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Wreck Fishing / General Ground Angling

Since 1900, more than 30 ships have sunk within a 20-mile radius off Hook Head. The sandbanks in the area are a haven for flatfish. Wreck fishing and general ground angling produce excellent mixed catches of wrasse, ling, conger, cod, pouting, dab, eel, flounder, pollock, coalfish and sightings of visiting whales.


Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is very promising along the coastline. Our two new 26ft Newhaven Mitchells are ideal for shallow inshore areas.

Shark Fishing

During the summer months shark fishing provides good sport. The main species caught is blue shark. An average blue shark is 23 kg in size and once beyond the 12-mile mark off Hook Head chances of catching a blue shark are high.




We provide Rod and Tackle hire. Bait used include peeler crab, lugworm, ragworm, fresh mackeral, sandeel and squid.