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Welcome to South East Angling situated on the stunning Hook Peninsula. Our mission is to provide the ultimate experience for anyone interested in angling or scenic boat trips. We cater for everyone from the experienced angler to the family just wanting to enjoy the thrill of a short boat trip. We are also available to charter for surveys, dives and research.

The Hook Peninsula offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Ireland as well as some of the finest sea angling to be had along the Irish coast. Our boat trips are a truly unique experience for all the family. Cruises include the opportunity to see natural caves, secluded beaches and bird watching. The historic sites of the area all take a different perspective when viewed from the sea. You could also be lucky to spot some seals and dolphins or catch some fish.

Our sea angling charters are second to none; you can hope to catch up to 20 species in a day including cod, pollock, ling, conger eel, wrasse and gurnard. Shark fishing will provide good sport with catches of up to 100lbs during the summer months.


We hope to welcome you aboard soon!